Relax while being active

Relax while being active

There are ways that you can be active that are relaxing and enjoyable. After all, moving more can be a great way to clear your head and feel great afterward.

Some people find activities like yoga and pilates calming and centring, even at levels they sometimes find challenging. Heraldo finds his pilates classes can sometimes stretch muscles he didn’t even realise he had!

These sorts of activities can be done at a variety of levels, including at a very low intensity helping you to gradually build up. And they can have the added benefit of helping you build up strength and improve balance and coordination. If you want to try these out, try searching for classes with “beginner” or “low intensity” in their name.

There are other ways you can move that you might find relax you and help clear your head. Some people, including Meena and Ian, find activities like swimming and cycling can help lift their spirits and improve their focus. Ian uses an electric bike nowadays to help him up hills, which allows him to take his cycle ride at his own pace. And Heraldo walks along the canals near his home; you can find more information on canal and river walkways in the list of relevant resources.

Sometimes, meeting a friend or spending time with family can provide the opportunity to unwind while being active. Moving doesn’t have to be high intensity to count! A walk to the shops or a trip to the park can provide the chance to catch up and spend quality time together, while also keeping you both on your feet. You can track the walking you already do with the Active 10 app, or go on dedicated walks based around your condition with Walking For Health; both of these are liked to in the relevant resources section.