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Find activities you enjoy

Being active doesn’t have to involve traditional ways of moving. You can find something that you genuinely enjoy doing and have tonnes of fun doing it. It’s easier to stay motivated when you move in a way that you enjoy.

Activities Enjoy

Here are some suggestions of great ways to get moving, which might look different to conventional activities: 

  • Building small moments of movement into your daily routine, like stretching while making a cup of tea.

  • Dancing around while cooking dinner.

  • Walking your dog.

  • Gardening 

  • Walking with friends.

  • Yoga 

  • Online classes.

Any of these activities, or one of the many others, could be the first step in your journey. Whether this is walking with friends, swimming or trying a new group activity, when you’re living with a health condition, moving is all about finding an activity that works for you and that you enjoy.  

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