My Daily Undefeatable

My Daily Undefeatable

Keep up your motivation to move by using My Daily Undefeatable to regularly check in with yourself on how you’ve been feeling and moving.

What is My Daily Undefeatable?

The My Daily Undefeatable Messenger chatbot provides a way for you to reflect on how you feel about getting active, and check in with yourself regularly.

My Daily Undefeatable is designed for anyone who would like some encouragement as they explore the ways to move that work for them. A chatbot is a computer program designed to stimulate conversation with human users, and is used as a way to check in with yourself.

How do I use it?

To start a conversation with the My Daily Undefeatable chatbot, head over to the We Are Undefeatable Facebook Page. Click ‘Message’ and ‘Get Started’ to begin the conversation.

You’ll then be asked if you’d like to take part in My Daily Undefeatable or talk to a person. For any questions other than your daily check-ins you can speak to a member of the We Are Undefeatable team, otherwise select ‘Daily Undefeatable’ to get started!

The chatbot will then ask you a series of questions about how you like to move, who you like to get active with, and what your motivations for getting active might be. You can skip any of these questions at any point, just answer the ones you feel comfortable with!

Now you are ready for your first check-in!

My Daily Undefeatable will ask you 3 questions each day and provides a judgement-free zone for you to share how you’ve moved today, how that made you feel, and how you might move tomorrow.

It’s as simple as that! Your check-in is complete! You can then choose to schedule when you would like to receive a reminder about your next check-in.

Printable planner

We also have a printable planner available to download if you’d prefer to do your check-ins on paper, or know someone else who would.