Moving more outdoors

Moving more outdoors

The outdoors provides more than a bit of fresh air – it provides a huge variety of ways to get moving, and a great change of scene.

For many people, walking, jogging or cycling are the first outdoor activities to spring to mind. All can be done at times that suit you best and at your own pace, scaling up or scale down depending on how you’re feeling. Leony tries to get her steps in but makes sure she listens to her body and does what feels comfortable that day. Whether it’s a ten-minute stroll around the block or a walk to the corner shop, it all counts.

Local parks, canal or river walks can be great spaces for moving more outdoors, with green space and walking paths to enjoy fresh air and build more activity into your day. For Zahoor, he makes the most of the free workout equipment at the park to get his body moving and his blood pumping.

If you live near a sea, lake, or lido, swimming can be enjoyed almost all year round with the right precautions. It doesn’t even have to be traditional swimming – for Darlaine, she loves to get into the sea to perform her Tai Chi moves to feel supported in the water and enjoy the fresh sea air. Be sure to follow the local guidance and understand your swimming ability before getting into the water.

There are lots of team sports or activities that you can do that are outdoor based, like Hannah playing tennis on the public courts, or Ellie joining a dragon boat team. Or you might even like to play some games like rounders or bowls with friends and family. By trying a few different activities, you might find something that you enjoy and works for you.

Our Activities

  • Building activity into your routine

    Building activity into your routine

    Getting active doesn’t have to involve traditional exercise. Find out more about how you can fit moving more into your routine, as and when you can.

  • Finding an activity that works for you

    Finding an activity that works for you

    Discover how you can find ways of enjoying new activities - or those you’ve loved in the past - that work for you, depending on how you are able to move.