Moving more outdoors

Moving more outdoors

The outdoors provides more than a bit of fresh air – it’s home to a huge variety of ways to get moving.

For many people, running and jogging are the first outdoor activities to spring to mind. Both can be done at times that suit you best, and at your own pace. Some people like the headspace provided by getting out for a jog on their own, like Krisina. Others, like Peter and Julie, prefer joining running clubs or going for a jog with a friend. Whether you’re solo or with a group, you can start slow and build up over time. Organisations like parkrun have free weekly events for you to run, walk, or jog at your own pace; you can find more information about this in the relevant resources section.

Local parks can be great spaces for moving more outdoors, with green space and paths to wander around on or even play with children or grandkids in. Some parks also have free outdoor gym equipment, alongside instructions for safe use. And some local activities are run in parks, making them easier to attend.

Walking is another great way to enjoy being outside while moving more. It’s an activity that you can scale up or scale down, depending on how you’re feeling day to day. Simone tries to get her steps in, but makes sure she’s doing so in a way that suits her. Whether it’s a ten minute stroll or a walk to the corner, it all counts. For some potential destinations for a walk outdoors, consult the Canal and River Trust link or the National Trust link in the relevant resources section.

You can go on walks on your own or sign up for guided walks. There are even some guided walks tailored to people with different conditions. Follow the link to Walking for Health in our relevant resources section for more information, or search for guided walks near you.