Make Your Move

Make Your Move

The #MakeYourMove videos, available on the We Are Undefeatable YouTube channel, will provide you with some ideas on how to get moving at your own pace in your own home with the help of experienced instructors, with a gentle starting point and options for progressing.

Moving more can help you manage your symptoms if you are living with a long term condition - you can join in with our #MakeYourMove videos at the level that’s right for you. The #MakeYourMove video series offers a variety of ways to move that could suit you.

Dance with Anne: Finding an activity you really enjoy can help to keep you motivated - try out Anne’s fun and effective dance session - whether you do it standing or sitting, maracas or no maracas, #MakeYourMove with Anne!

Energy with Alex: Regular movement can increase your energy levels - our fantastic instructor Alex has some great ideas to help you get moving at the level that's right for you

Balance with Sandra: If you're looking to improve your balance, our amazing instructor Sandra explains how some simple exercises can help support your balance, whether you do it standing or sitting.

Strength with Alex: If you want to get stronger but are not sure where to start, personal trainer Alex shows you how to with some simple moves, with and without weight.

Boxing with Michelle: Regular repetitive movement can help with your memory - boxing is one activity that uses those movements so can help support your mind and body coordination.

Mindfulness with Sandra: In this session Sandra will lead you through a series of relaxing moves, explaining how they can support your mental health while gently moving your body.