Finding ways to be active for free

Finding ways to be active for free

Moving more doesn’t mean you need fancy equipment. There are plenty of ways to be active that don’t require you spending any money at all.

Working a bit more activity into your daily routine is a great way to move more without any additional cost. Walking up and down your stairs, reaching up to get something off a tall shelf, or walking to the supermarket for your groceries all count as fitting more movement into your day. What’s more, there’s no membership or fancy kit required to do it (though if you’re planning on being on your feet for a while, supportive footwear can help).

Local parks can be great spaces for moving in a number of ways, from going for a run to walking your dog. They also offer a way to take a break from long periods of staying indoors. Krisina runs in a park near her home, allowing her to be active as and when she feels she can be.

If you find you are more motivated when you have company, you can also head out with friends and family for a breath of fresh air. Both local parks and natural walkways in your local neighbourhood are free to access.

Many types of at-home activities can also be done for free, and using simple equipment or objects you’d find in the home, like a small water bottle , a chair, or a tin of beans. There are links to online classes for activities ranging from beginner’s yoga to home object work outs to dance classes in our resources section. Equally, moving more can be as simple as switching on the radio and letting loose to the music.

Check out our section on getting moving around the house or Five in Five for inspiration. You can also follow the link in our relevant resources section to see information on Home Exercises on our YouTube Channel, including the Make Your Move video series.

In addition to these digital resources, there are free smartphone apps that can help you track your activity . Looking for more on this? Take a look at our section on digital tools to help you move.

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