Finding an activity that works for you

Finding an activity that works for you

You may have grown up loving traditional sport, or want to be active as part of a team. Happily, there are options out there that may work for you, depending on how you are able to move.

The symptoms of your condition may mean you have to explore activities you used to do in a modified way, or else try something new. But even so, this can still be something you absolutely love. Rebecca only started wheelchair dancing after living with MS for several years, and it has become a passion of hers that she says is central to her life.

It may be that there is a specific group that will make an activity you enjoy easier to take part in. Tony was able to join a walking football team made up of older people, which modifies the rules of traditional football to make it easier for the entire team to play.

In some instances, your condition may prevent you from doing an activity you previously liked to do. This said, there may be other ways you can enjoy moving more. For example, Meena’s aches and pains from arthritis caused her to stop going to the classes she used to attend. This lead her to discover swimming, an activity that she not only finds fun but that also provides relief.

Stuck on ideas for new activities to try? Talk to friends, family, and other people with health conditions for ideas on what you might like. There are also some online resources and digital tools, like iPrescribe, that can help you figure out how to go about trying something new based on your condition. You can find a link to iPrescribe in the list of relevant resources.

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  • Trying new activities

    Trying new activities

    Maybe you’re just starting to get active, or maybe you want to try something new. Either way, there are some things that may be helpful to bear in mind when you’re starting out.

  • Building activity into daily life

    Building activity into daily life

    Getting active doesn’t need to be about joining a local sports club or even running a 10k. It can just be about doing things that fit into your existing routine, as and when you can.