Digital tools to help you move

Digital tools to help you move

There are a range of resources available online that can help you move more. And helpfully, many of these resources are free, so you can use them whenever you’d like.

Many videos and written tutorials are available online, allowing you to try new ways to move or get active that are easy to try in the home. Some of these are structured as classes that you can follow at home, like the We Are Undefeatable YouTube Playlists which offers a range of intensity levels, as well as seated and standing options. Others are written as guides for you to do in small chunks or in your own time, which can be handy if you don't feel like you have much time in your day to get moving.

Some tools have been designed to track the activities you already do. For instance, the free Active 10 app tracks brisk walking, which is a great way to add exercise into your routine while enjoying some fresh air. There are also tools that can help track higher levels of activity or to help you increase how much you move. Using the Couch to 5k app can be a helpful way to build up your activity level at your own pace.

If you are looking for something more prescriptive, EXI provides personalised physical activity programmes specifically for people with long-term health conditions to help you get started and find your motivation to keep going.

If you are looking for online classes where you can start small and build up, Couch to Fitness is a free online programme which you can start at home and at your own pace. You can also enjoy the support of others when you join their Facebook group for others doing the programme.

It’s all about finding little, manageable and enjoyable ways to add activity into your routine and digital tools can help you find the thing that works for you.