Being active while having fun

Being active while having fun

Being active doesn’t have to feel serious or boring, and it doesn’t have to feel like it’s a chore. There are many ways you can move more while genuinely enjoying what you’re doing and having fun.

Any way you decide to get moving counts, whether it looks like traditional exercise or not. Even something like stretching while making a cup of tea or dancing around your kitchen while making dinner can contribute to being active. Jo actually finds walking her dog Elsie not only enjoyable but motivating as well, because of the positive way it lifts her mood.

Many people find socialising whilst being active can make moving much more enjoyable. Why not go for a walk or try out a new activity with a friend or family member? You could also try getting active together over video call.

You might also be surprised about what activities you end up liking, once you give them a try. Tania was not a sporty person prior to her diagnosis, but found activities like playing active video games with her daughter helped get her up on her feet. Months later, she found herself going on a run and actually having a good time, which for her was no small feat.

Ultimately moving more is about finding an activity that works for you – so why not try something new, and you might surprise yourself!