Move To Your Mood

There are days when we rise without shining and it can be hard to find the motivation to get moving on these days, especially when you are living with a long-term health condition.

We want to support you to increase your confidence to move more whatever your mood, and maybe even lift it.

Which is why we’ve teamed up with Gok Wan and some familiar We Are Undefeatable faces to show you three different physical activity routines, to get you moving whatever mood you’re feeling.


    Whether you’re feeling motivated or not, there’s something that could work for you. It can be at whatever pace and whatever routine tickles your fancy, the most important thing is finding a way to move to suit your mood.


    No bands or weights? Not to worry, you can get creative with everyday household items. From tinned goods in your kitchen cupboards, to a simple tea towel - you don't need to have special equipment to get moving.


    When moving to your mood, it's about listening to your body and doing what feels comfortable that day. You can try seated foot taps or standing lunges - it’s totally up to you!


    50% of people we surveyed felt their moods are boosted when working out with others, so what more reason do you need to bring in your friends, partner or family to move to your mood.

Ways To Get Moving
  • Darlaine

    Lives with breast cancer, We Are Undefeatable ambassador

    “I love swimming but on the days I don’t get down to the beach or pool, I enjoy doing activities that still leave me feeling energised. That’s why being part of these videos and showing others ways to get moving that still gives you a buzz has been brilliant and I really hope it helps others as much as it has me.”

  • Gok Wan

    British TV Presenter, author

    "When you have a long-term health condition, sometimes trying to figure out what physical activity works for you can be tricky. And let's not forget trying to summon up the motivation. However, finding moves that suit your needs can really encourage you to get moving, and with the right support you can enjoy the wide range of benefits to movement.”

Move To Your Mood 5 Minute Routines

  • Feeling Relaxed: with Meg

    Join Meg, Gok, and Sandra to get your body moving in a gentle way to help unwind and relax

  • Needing a Boost

    Join Mark, Gok, and Sandra as they get moving for 5 minutes to get their blood pumping and lifting their energy for the day

  • Feeling Energised

    Join Darlaine, Gok , and Sandra as they make the most of feeling energised and get their bodies moving in a fun and active way

Make Your Move

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Living with a health condition can sometimes be unpredictable and how we feel day-to-day can be up and down. But moving our bodies for for how ever long we are able to that day can help to lift our mood and build up to doing more!

More Ways to Get Moving

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