Zahoor's Story

Zahoor's Story

You should do what you love to do. That will give you the energy.

Zahoor hasn’t always focused on his health, which is part of what led to his Type 2 diabetes. After that wake-up call, he wanted to find ways to look after his health, including moving more. Whether dancing around in the living room, using outdoor gym equipment at his local park, or playing cricket with his grandchildren, he’s made being active something that he enjoys.

I love dancing, I’m sorry I got to, I’m old and people tell me oh my god you’re old – no I’m not. My name is Zahoor, they call me Harry because of my surname and I have the type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed about 24 years ago. I used to play cricket, I used to play volleyball, I was very good in volleyball as well, and basketball, but when you go into the office and sit on your chair and computer in front of you and then you sit and say alright let’s go and have a good day and have a really slap up dinner. I was eating you know whatever, comes in front of me and tasty food, you know things like that. And then, I put my guard down. You know this is the time I’ve got to think, and I’ve got to do something very very serious. You educate yourself, you got to broaden your mind, and learn about the condition, the exercise, being active, are very good for my condition. I have seen so many videos on the YouTube, I go on the Google and see that I have learned from that and I adapt that in my life. I take control of the diabetes. I switch on my music and I let myself go. If you’re laying down watching your TV, you know switch off the TV and then start raising your hands and your legs, you know stretching yourself, and that can be done inside your house. Walk is the other thing. Take a walk. Of course, you will have a little bit of tiredness, but I do bear in mind my capabilities and how far I can go. You should do what you love to do. You know, that will give you the energy inside, because you like it. And the kids you know, involve them. They are the people around me, so I have decided to take control, and I have decided that I will do everything that I could to live a bit longer and have that happiness. And give them the company as well, of a Grandad.

How Zahoor Gets Moving

Zahoor has made moving more a central part of his lifestyle, from going on brisk walks to playing with his grandchildren. He’s a big believer of staying active, which is why he moves in a variety of ways. He loves to dance, and will often switch on music and bust a move in his front room.

Zahoor has continued his walking and dancing in the years since we last spoke to him. He is enjoying the independence it gives him, as well as the lowered stress levels and improved sleep quality!

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