Rebecca's Story

Rebecca's Story

Dancing has changed my life completely.

Rebecca was training as a physiotherapist when she was diagnosed with her Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As her condition progressed, she found it increasingly hard to be active – and impossible to do the job she’d trained for. Joining her wheelchair dance group helped her turn how she felt about things around. Dance helped her manage the depression that came about after her diagnosis, and has become one of the activities she loves the most.

My favourite style of dancing is hip hop and freestyle. My MS was very active initially. I found it really, really difficult to cope with. I became really depressed. I was a recently qualified physical therapist and had a really active lifestyle and could see that it was going to affect my career and the plan I had for my career quite quickly. It took me a long time to build my confidence. The time that it shifted and I managed to get over it was once I changed the way I was looking at things and stopped focusing on what I had lost and started looking at what I could still do with what I still had. I started dancing and fell in love with it immediately and it has changed my life completely. The closest I feel to not being disabled anymore, I don’t think about my disability I think about the possibilities that I have. It’s exciting, it’s freeing I suppose. It just makes me feel alive. Regardless of how anyone’s feeling we always come away from the session feeling much better than we did before we went into it. It’s going be dance whatever and however my disease progresses or changes I will adapt my dancing so that I can do it regardless.

How Rebecca Gets Moving

For Rebecca, there’s no better way to get moving than dancing. She’s able to let loose and have fun, no matter the style of dance. She says it’s completely changed her life, and always comes away from her sessions feeling much better than when she’d started it.

Following the pandemic, Rebecca’s MS flared up, affecting her mental health, but with the support of her close family she has been able to rebuild her fitness and return to face-to-face dance classes. Being back in person has enabled her to “do something [she] loves with a group of wonderful friends”. She says that getting moving whilst having fun always leaves her feeling happy!

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