Mahesh's story

Mahesh's story

Some days, I roll out of bed and do my workout in my jim-jams.

When Mahesh was diagnosed with diabetes, it came as quite a shock, as he’d always considered himself a healthy person. And as especially after his pacemaker insertion, finding ways to keep moving was important to him. With all the challenges of the last few years, options to get active seemed limited – or so he thought! Mahesh rediscovered the joy of getting out in his garden and trying new activities from the comfort of his home. Switching up the ways he gets active keeps him busy and lifts his spirits at the same time.

Some days, or most days, I roll out of bed, come downstairs, and do my workout in my jim-jams. So I'm a Type 1 diabetic since 1992, and I had a pacemaker insertion in November 2019. The diagnosis was a bit of a shock. I always regarded myself as being very healthy. So the whole thing about doing yoga online made it accessible to me. The best thing about online web videos is that you're not, uh, on display to other people, so you can make as many mistakes, as many noises, wherever they're coming from, and not be too concerned about them.

I also, uh, walk with my family. If I'm feeling energetic enough, I’ll, I’ll jump on the bike and go for a pedal. I'm getting fitter and stronger because of it. I do feel a bit of pain, but that shows it’s working.

How Mahesh Gets Moving

Mahesh has taken up yoga with online workout videos, which he has been enjoying immensely. Yoga is something he’d wanted to try for a while, and the fact that he’s doing it in the comfort of his home frees him from being concerned about messing up or what others might think.

As someone who has described himself as being active with “sporadic success,” he will occasionally cycle and go on walks with the family as well. Mahesh enjoys discovering new ways to get active, especially when this means he gets to spend more time with the people he loves too!

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