Leony's Story

Leony's Story

"We go on walks and practice our choir songs together"

After having two knee replacements to help with her rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, Leony fancies herself as a ‘bionic woman’. Although she jokes that she still can’t touch her toes, she has lots of activities she can do with her family to keep her moving. Her love of music led her to join a community choir, and she’s always singing with her daughter when they go out for walks. It’s her daughter, in fact, that is Leony’s motivation for getting active as, after losing two sisters, she wants to be around for as long as possible to support her own daughter and her nieces.

I suffer from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

For five years I had been having knee injections to relieve the pain and allow me some measure of mobility, but then injections no longer helped. The mobility in my life had been affected so badly that I remember clearly to this day when my daughter said to me that, “Mum after losing two aunts and seeing you not moving, I can't lose you too”.

Therefore, I was given two total knee replacements. After having a kick in the behind, as it were, I decided to start walking, half a mile at a time. I started to walk further and further, dropped the canes and started walking faster and further each day. And that has literally transformed my life.

How Leony Gets Moving

Leony has found walking is a new way of life after her knee surgery, the most recent of which occurred 7 months ago . After the procedure, Leony started slowly and gradually built up her daily activity levels, which she’s found has reduced her risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. She enjoys walking with her family when they can, she isn’t afraid to go without them if they slow her down!

Since sharing her story as part of We Are Undefeatable last year, Leony has challenged herself to do a charity walk this year. She has found that the more she walks, the better night sleep she gets and the more energy she has.

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