Krisina's Story

Krisina's Story

Knowing running is helping me do something for my condition makes me really happy.

You might not guess that Krisina has any sort of condition, let alone one that has affected her life in such a profound way. Yet despite some real hurdles and set-backs, Krisina doesn’t let her asthma limit or define her. If anything, the ups and downs of her journey have helped her realise just how strong she can be.

People look at me and they always say oh you look absolutely fine, you look great. Sometimes that can be quite difficult, because you’re battling on behind the scenes. So, I was diagnosed with Asthma in 2012 but in 2016 my asthma became brutal whilst I was pregnant with my daughter. My daughter was starved of oxygen and I lost her full-term. It’s been, it’s been difficult. My way of strengthening myself and my body and my mind is through running. It’s helped me so much. It’s helping me strengthen my lungs, and me knowing that running is doing something to help my condition makes me feel really happy. The Asthma can just come on at any time, so sometimes I do want to go out there and run but I don’t make it, but then I always next day wake up and somehow get that confidence to go back out there and run. I believe that you should never allow an illness to define you. And, finally got my miracle son who was born at 6 months premature. He’s my motivation to get better. He literally makes my life complete. Don’t get me wrong you will have those down points, and it’s not easy, but honestly when you have those high points always remember them. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

How Krisina Gets Moving

Krisina finds ways to run when it works with how she’s feeling. She likes the fact that it can strengthen her lungs, and feels stronger for doing it. That said, Krisina’s asthma affects her differently from day to day, so she’s only active when she feels she can be. If she doesn’t feel able to go on a run, she doesn’t push herself to do so. She also doesn’t let that discourage her from trying again on days when she feels a bit better.

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