Jat's Story

Jat's Story

I know deep down that it's me actually working out and doing physical movement that’s really improved my health

Jat was inspired to build more physical activity into his life after being part of the We Are Undefeatable Home Games programme in 2021. By hearing other people's journeys with their condition and the ways they got moving, it put into perspective his own life and showed him that he could begin to live with his condition rather than be ruled by it.

A big part of Jat's life is being a carer for his mum, who lives with osteoporosis and has learning difficulties. He really values looking after his mum and going to the cinema or doing activities at home – there’s nothing better than seeing his mum smile when they are doing crafts together.

I'm Jat, I'm 38 and I have asthma. I was diagnosed with asthma at nine years old and around the same time I became a carer for my mum. I think the best way to describe being a carer is to think of it as being a parent. You just do little things that you would do for your child. But yes, sometimes it can be challenging to find time for yourself.

My history of physical activity is nil, and that changed during lockdown. I discovered the 'We Are Undefeatable' campaign which inspired me to workout. I would say most days it could be abs exercises, push-ups. I follow YouTube tutorials, do weights and some stretches all at home. I think I know deep down that is actually me working out and doing physical activity that's really improved my health. I think I understand now what it is to live with something rather than live against it.

Keeping active gives me my own time for self-care and also keeps my mum moving too.


How Jat Gets Moving

Jat is the first to admit that before the pandemic he did very little physical activity and was nervous to get started in case the symptoms of his asthma flared up. But being inspired by the We Are Undefeatable campaign, Jat felt confident enough to start doing some gentle stretches, step-ups and home-based activity. It wasn't long before he began noticing the difference it made to how he felt both physically and mentally.

Following free online YouTube tutorials from the comfort of his living room enables Jat to fit getting active into his daily routine and be there to take care of his mum. Since building more physical activity into his routine, Jat was keen to find more ways he could get his mum active too. She lives with osteoporosis and they both get the benefit of the outside air and the change in scenery as they go on short walks near their home together.

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