Jagdeep's Story

Jagdeep's Story

I found that exercise, and in particular boxing, would benefit people with Parkinson's.

Jagdeep’s Parkinson’s diagnosis came as a shock, but after some research, he decided to take up boxing.

Jagdeep struggled to get a diagnosis on the symptoms he was experiencing, like the tremor developing in his hands. He finds the tremors harder to cope with in his right hand, and sometimes finds it difficult to hold a cup of tea. Despite challenges like this, Jagdeep still enjoys cooking traditional Indian dishes for his family, even though he jokes that his kids prefer their mum’s cooking

My name is Jagdeep, and I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in June 2021. Actually getting the news was a shock and I went in the square, had a little cry by myself. Then I came home and told the family.

I found that exercise, and in particular boxing, would benefit people with Parkinson's. Just exercise in the chair - you can just do this [imitates punching the air]. Being active is good, whether that is walking in the park or taking your dog for a walk, and you can even split that up into segments.

We like to make our dinner together as well. Some of them I could make and others I couldn't make. I think after a while they got fed up with my cooking, they said, 'That's enough, we like mum's cooking'.

How Jagdeep Gets Moving

Jagdeep had always been active before his diagnosis, and wasn’t about to let his condition stop him. Jagdeep had been a keen kickboxer, and discovered that non-combative boxing was recommended for people with Parkinson’s. Jagdeep tries to get moving for 25 minutes every day, but is keen to point out that “you don’t have to do 25 minutes all in one go”. Instead, he likes to split his activity throughout the day, from going on a short walk, to putting his gloves on and boxing in his back garden.

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