Ila's Story

Ila's Story

Staying active makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

Ila has tried to stay relatively active her whole life, but over time her lung condition, osteoporosis, and kidney condition required some adjustments. Coincidentally, Ila’s daughters also happen to have health conditions, and they have been invaluable in more ways than one. As a family, they not only help keep each other’s spirits up, but they also get each other to try new things and provide each other support.

Being active, it gives me a real sense of achievement. I've had to change my exercise regimes, um, so that it, according to my medical conditions. For instance, I will do my marching exercises, I will do some of the dance movements. I'm living with several medical conditions, osteoporosis, which is an invisible condition. The thing that I've found challenging is that when things have been out of your own control.

Managing my conditions, um, with my relationship with my daughters has become even stronger. We learn about each other’s conditions and we encourage and support each other. The thing that I've absolutely loved the most is the, um, Zumba. All three of us have been going into the garden and we've been doing dancing and really, really enjoyed it together. Staying active makes me feel that I'm on top of the world.

How Ila Gets Moving

Ila does basic exercises around the home, including climbing the stairs, lifting tin cans, and marching in place. She’s had to swap some activities, like running, for less intense options, like walking, but nonetheless finds that she gets a boost of energy and confidence from it. One of the things she’s liked most is the Zumba and Inclusive dance routines she’s been doing with her daughters in the back garden. It’s a chance for her to move a bit more while spending time as a family – Ila can’t get enough of it!

Ila also enjoys doing online dance classes, where she has been able to meet new people from across the country all sharing a love for dance. Another benefit of the online classes is that Ila’s husband has been able to join in, meaning the whole family is now involved!

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