Darren's Story

Darren's Story

I’m not doing nothing too hard, not trying to keep up with Wiggins or Redgrave.

Darren has always taken life – and managing his conditions – in his stride, his sense of humour buoying him through any slips and setbacks. This was put to the test during the pandemic, as Darren had to stay home and shield. But as always, he found ways to add a silver lining, cracking jokes with his family, doing garden improvements, and even building a home gym in his shed. Nowadays, he’ll still join his sons for a light workout as they egg each other on and give one another a bit of a ribbing. After all, being active is far better when there’s a bit of banter involved.

Okay, cleaning the porch: what I call entry-level cleaning.

I’ve got rheumatoid arthritis, I’ve got type 2 diabetes. These exercises, they all keep me moving, which helps with my knees, my heels, my ankles. Being active makes me feel like I’m doing my bit for my family. I wanna be around as long as possible for ‘em, and I wanna do things with ‘em as much as possible.

I do rowing machine. I do exercise bike. I’m not doing nothing too hard, not trying to keep up with Wiggins or Redgrave or nothing.

I have just days when I just can’t be bothered, don’t wanna do anything. I just tell myself, if I wanna just sit down and watch TV, I might as well go sit down on the exercise bike.

How Darren Gets Moving

Darren has been using the home gym he’s set up in his shed as a way stay active, lifting weights and using a stationary bike. He also keeps on his feet around the home, making sure things stay tidy and enjoys taking the family dog, Molly, out for her daily walks!

Throughout the pandemic, Darren took part in the Team Undefeatable Virtual Walking Football team and enjoyed practicing new ball skills in his back garden and having a kick about with family members too.

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