Darlaine's Story

Darlaine's Story

My sister has been my rock.

Darlaine was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, and after a lot of research about mastectomies she decided to “just get rid of ‘em”. She embraced her new appearance with an intricate flower tattoo across her chest, each flower representing someone in her family who supported her through her condition. She also found friendship with a number of other women with lobular breast cancer, and together they aim to support each other through the ups and downs of living with the condition.

How Darlaine Gets Moving

Darlaine began swimming as a way to loosen the muscles and scar tissue around her breasts after her bilateral mastectomy. In the pool, Darlaine has also created her own exercises and routines based on Tai Chi, which she jokes makes her look like a “silly 60- something in a floral pink swimming hat”. She likes the peace that comes with getting active solo in the pool, and also enjoys it when she can visit her sister on the coast and have a laugh together about how entertaining Darlaine looks doing her movements in the sea.

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