Christine's Story

Christine's Story

I think it is really important to get out and socialise with people. It makes it a little easier to get active because you're not thinking about what you're doing

Sometimes life can throw challenges your way, and for Christine she’s had to navigate multiple conditions and obstacles related to her health. Throughout her career as a teacher, Christine had always led a busy life, so her Parkinson’s diagnosis came as a shock and took a big toll on her mental wellbeing. But her wonderful husband and two kids gave her the determination to keep going and make them proud. Christine felt she wanted to keep her body moving in whichever ways she could to help her feel like herself again and enable her to manage her condition the best she can.

Living with Parkinson’s can have a lot of uncertainty and mental strain as well as the physical symptoms but, through the highs and lows, her loving family and friends are there to support her all the way. And when she feels that she isn’t coping so well, she knows that they are only a phone call away.

I'm Christine. I'm 61 years old, and I live with Parkinson's.

When I was 29 I was diagnosed Hodgkin's disease lymphoma. Then they said I wouldn't have children. I had two beautiful children.

Then six year's ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. But as soon as I was diagnosed, I thought, right, that's it. I am not giving up. You've got to do this for yourself. You've got to live with it as best you can.

Moving makes me feel like myself again. Once I'm out I absolutely love it and I feel so much better for it. I really do think that movement is the best medicine.

How Christine Gets Moving

For Christine, keeping active helps her to manage the symptoms of her Parkinson’s and helps her feel like she is taking charge of her condition. Trying out new activities like Nordic walking and ballet helps keep things fresh for Christine but best of all, it’s the friends she’s made through these activities that makes such a difference to how she feels.

Christine loves spending time with her friends and sister and getting out for walks in her local area. They’ve been an unwavering rock for her to lean on through hard times, but the walks also offer a feeling of escapism and the opportunity to have a good old chin wag. They are never short of conversation and laughter as they talk about everything and anything, but as the ladies say, ‘What happens on the walk, stays on the walk’.

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