John was determined to do something for himself and his friends also diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and so they created their own walking football team for people with Parkinson’s and stroke survivors.

Our Stories

See how some people with health conditions have found ways to get moving, as well as ideas on how you can make getting active work for you.

  • Mark


    Mark has discovered new ways to keep enjoying the active lifestyle he led before his MS diagnosis.

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  • Darlaine


    Darlaine has managed to get active whilst living with breast cancer thanks to the support of her sister and their shared sense of humour.

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  • Leony


    Leony found a new lease of life after her surgery, and is determined to make the most of her two new knees.

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  • Meg


    Meg fits in little moments of activity into her daily life with Type 2 diabetes.

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  • Phil


    Phil has coped with a number of setbacks with the support of his family encouraging him to use home exercise as his motivation for recovery.

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  • Hannah


    For Hannah, one of the key motivators to move more is her partner’s support.

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  • Mahesh


    Mahesh has recently turned to online yoga to help manage some of the symptoms of his conditions.

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  • Darren


    Darren’s sense of humour has helped him manage his symptoms for a while. And during COVID-19, it has become doubly handy.

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  • Linda


    Linda has to more than just navigate the ins and outs of living with arthritis; she has to help her husband manage his conditions as well.

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  • Tommy


    Tommy has gotten creative with how he keeps moving around the home to help keep the “black dog” of dementia at bay.

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  • Paul


    Ever since Paul’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, he’s had to adjust and shift how he keeps moving. And the last few months have been no exception.

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  • Ila


    Ila and her daughters all manage a variety of health conditions – and they all lean on each other for support.

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  • Tony


    Tony’s cancer can be difficult to navigate, but playing walking football with his team can help.

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  • Rebecca


    Rebecca’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) led to her discovering dancing and falling in love with it.

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  • Chris


    Chris has gone from hiding his Type 1 Diabetes to playing football with an entire team of diabetic players.

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  • Krisina


    On the days she can, Krisina finds ways to run while managing her asthma.

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  • Meena


    For Meena, swimming means relieving her arthritis and calming her mind.

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  • Mohan


    Mohan’s family helps him keep moving with his dementia.

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  • Ellie


    Ellie has discovered an entire community of dragon boat paddlers because of her breast cancer.

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  • Heraldo


    Heraldo has found ways to stretch muscles he didn’t even know he had after his heart surgery.

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  • Tania


    Being treated for cancer and managing her depression caused Tania to start thinking about moving more.

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  • Ian


    Ian’s home work-outs allow him to stop and start, working around his energy levels and his lung condition.

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  • Julie and Peter

    Julie and Peter

    Peter supports Julie as she lives with Alzheimer’s, including getting both of them out to the park for a run.

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  • Jo


    Jo’s depression and fatigue can mean dealing with some not-so-good days, but walking her dog Elsie can help.

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  • Zahoor


    After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Zahoor made a point of finding more ways to fit activity into his life.

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Ways to Move

When it comes to finding ways to move, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Explore the many ways to be active that some people managing health conditions find work for them.

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