Five in Five

Introducing Five in Five: a completely customisable mini-workout.

We’ve designed it to be as flexible as possible, to help you get moving in whatever way works for you that day.

See below for further information about how Five in Five works, as well as a downloadable booklet to get you started.

How it Works

Doing Five in Five is simple:

  1. Choose 5 activities from our downloadable booklet of accessible exercises
  2. Do each activity for 1 minute at a time, for a total of a 5 minute mini-workout

It's that easy!

We Are Undefeatable has created an inclusive library suited to a range of preferences and abilities, from ways to warm up to things just for fun. Whatever you’re looking for in your mini-workout, there’s bound to be a Five in Five that suits you.

To help you get started, we’ve created a Five in Five booklet. It has a library of activities as well as a space to write in your favourite combo. Download the booklet and get ready to discover your favourite Five in Five!

How it Works

Here’s a link to download the Five in Five booklet, which you can use to try out different combos or write down your personal favourite.

pdf 2.523 MB Download

Activity Inspiration

When it comes to finding ways to move, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Click through to discover ways to get moving that might work for you

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