Team Undefeatable

Earlier this year, We Are Undefeatable brought together a virtual walking football and a virtual dance team, to form Team Undefeatable! The teams are made up of people who are living with at least 1 health condition looking to try something new. Both teams met up online each week to learn new skills and to be part of a community that supports and inspires each other.

  • A safe way to get active as Covid-19 guidelines change

    As restrictions on social gatherings continue to change, virtual teams could be a great way of getting (and staying) active, whilst also having fun and meeting new friends or catching up with old ones from the comfort of your own home or garden. After all, there’s no restriction on how many people you can get active with online!

  • Make It fun to move more

    Physical activity doesn’t need to be a chore. Whether it’s learning a dance routine together on Zoom, or challenging each other to keepie-uppies, doing something you like will mean you are far more likely to keep doing it.

  • Support your mental health

    Physical activity has been shown to improve mental health. Getting active with a community that supports one another, and working together towards a shared goal can also be a great focus.

  • Build a community of people that support one another

    Finding motivation alone can be difficult. As part of a team of people with health conditions there is instant support and advice from others who may be facing similar issues.

    It’s all about having fun, moving and supporting each other whilst not being physically together.

Get Inspired
  • Stuart Langworthy

    Walking Football Coach

    It has been fantastic to see the progress made by the individuals and the group as a whole – in terms of football and non-football related matters. We have proved that it is possible to form and develop a team, to improve football skills, coordination and confidence in oneself and others – all virtually. I cannot wait to meet them in person when it is finally safe to do so.

  • Katie Mason

    Dance Coach

    My passion is making dance as inclusive as possible for as many people - I truly believe that it has the power to bring people together in a way that is creative and fun, but can be tailored to different abilities and or conditions. Our classes were a time when the individuals could just think about dancing and enjoy the feeling rather than worry about what they may be going through. I’d urge anyone to set up their own groups, find an online, or in person, group to join or just follow some moves and dance alone.

Moving More with others

Moving more doesn’t have to be a solo affair. Here are our top tips:

  • Ask your friends and family if they’d like to get active with you virtually. You could use our 10 week programmes or follow a class on the Youtube Playlists.
  • Search online in your local area for online classes. A good place to start might be Move It or Lose It or Classfinder
  • Find virtual communities of like minded individuals. This could be a Facebook forum or charity community specifically focused on your condition. See the logos below for useful links.
  • Reach out to existing local teams to see if they are offering any virtual sessions or socially distanced activity.
  • Create your own team and publicise on social media, calling out for new team members.

Search our suggested starting points by clicking on the logos below.

Virtual Football Programme

We brought together 12 people living with at least one health condition to create the Team Undefeatable virtual football team. Many of the team members had never played before, but with the support of the team and practice over the 10 week programme their confidence and skills improved hugely. Best of all, the team bonded over their love of the game and enjoyed meeting up virtually each week.

For anyone who enjoys getting active with others, walking football could be a great fit for you. The fact that you can’t run means it is suitable for a range of conditions and ages, but most importantly the team spirit creates a sense of fun and comradery. As the National Governing Body, The Football Association, along with its network of 50 local County Football Associations (CFAs), are supporting the growth and development of Walking Football. Looking for local playing opportunities? Click here to find and speak with your local CFA.

Virtual Football Programme

Try out Stuart’s 10 week walking football programme and you’ll have the team mastering keepie-uppies before you know it!

pdf 414.723 KB Download

Virtual Dance Programme

We brought together a group of 8 women, all living with at least one health condition, with a shared love of dance to form our virtual Team Undefeatable dance team. Dance is a great way to get the body moving and the best part is you can get lost in the music! For many of the team members this was the first time dancing and throughout the 10 weeks they created a dance routine building on all the techniques they learnt. Watch the dance team’s routine here.

If you want to introduce more dance movement into your routine why not check out Paradance and Classfinder?

Virtual Dance Programme

Are you looking to get your groove on and shake up the way you get moving? Check out Katie’s dance programme for inspiration. Download the 10 week programme here.

pdf 328.38 KB Download

Advice for coaching people living with health conditions

England's Walking Football Coach, Stuart Langworthy and inclusive dance teacher, Katie Mason offer their top tips on how to tailor sessions for people living with health conditions.

Download our 10 Virtual Coaching Tips.

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