Five in Five

Five in Five

Start building small amounts of activity into your day with Five in Five, a five minute mini-workout designed for people living with long term health conditions. Download the booklet below.

Getting started is simple. Download the Five in Five booklet to find seven different mini-workouts. Each one includes five movements which you can do seated or standing for one minute each, to build a five minute workout.

You can also pick your five favourite movements to create your personal Five in Five routine. Each movement has been developed with a personal trainer to work for people living with long-term health conditions.

Click below to download the booklet now.

What does this PDF include?

This PDF booklet includes 7 different mini-workouts. There is a page at the back to create your own Five in Five. Each page includes illustrations of each movement and easy-to-follow guidance of how to do the movement. Pick your favourite or create your own!

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