Five in Five

Five in Five

Introducing Five in Five: a completely customisable mini-workout. We’ve designed it to be as flexible as possible, to help you get moving in whatever way works for you that day.

Getting started is simple. Choose 5 activities from our suite of accessible exercises, and do each for 1 minute for a 5 minute mini-workout. Easy!

To get you going, we’ve created a booklet you can download below to discover your favourite Five in Five!

Our Activities

  • Finding an activity that works for you

    Finding an activity that works for you

    Discover how you can find ways of enjoying new activities - or those you’ve loved in the past - that work for you, depending on how you are able to move.

  • Being active together

    Being active together

    Explore how you can safely get moving with friends, family, and more, plus some of the mental health and social benefits that can come with it.